January 09, 2014

Beyond Copenhagen Side Event in the 7th Session of the OWG, 7 January 2014, UN HQ (New York)

Side event in the 7th session of the OWG
7th January, 06.15 PM, venue CR-A, UNHQ, New York

Climate Change and Disaster Risk Reduction; Missing Link Between the UNFCCC and OWG Processes

Organizers: CECOEDECON, Beyond Copenhagen, PAIRVI, BJVJ in collaboration with Oxfam

Brief introduction of the event:
The objective of the side event is to explore the interlinkages between climate change discussions in the UNFCCC and the OWG. It is understood that there is very little interaction between these two processes. While post 2015 development agenda, emphasizes climate change as a major concern and seeks integration of development policies with climate change and disaster consideration, and climate change and disaster forms a major component of discussions of the OWG, there is hardly any convergence of the two process. Besides, a third very important stream, Financing for Development also moves along a separate line without any convergence with the broader discussion on climate change. There have been significant achievements in the climate change negotiations, however, a lot of ground in terms of mitigation, adaptation, and means of implementation needs to be covered. 

Climate change is far more encompassing (in terms of its impact and efforts required for stabilization), than what is presently being discussed or under the mandate of the UNFCCC, and needs convergence with all three Rio Conventions viz. UNFCCC, UNCBD and UNCCD. The discussion would like to see and explore, how these discussion or at least OWG and UNFCCC discussions could support each other, and benefit from each other.However, the panelists would also like to use this opportunity to look into specific issues under consideration of the OWG and the UNFCCC viz. energy, sustainable agriculture and food/food justice, and disasters.

Sustainable Cities, Human Settlements and Transport: Soumya Dutta, Convener, Bharat Jan Vigyan Jathha, India
Marginalized Populations and Disaster; Challenges of Inclusion: N Paul Divakar, Convener, National Campaign on Dalit Human Rights, India
Sustainable Agriculture and Food Justice: Vanita Suneja, Oxfam India
What should follow HFA: Marcus Oxley, Global Network of the CSOs on Disaster Reduction
Convergence between UNFCCC and OWG processes: Gabriel Normand, UNDP


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