March 14, 2014

Invitation for "An Interaction with Pablo Solon" - organized by BCPH and Focus on Global South

Focus on the Global South and Beyond Copenhagen invites you at

Climate Change and Sustainable Development; From a Minimalistic to a Transformative Agenda and Role of Emerging Economies

An Interaction with Pablo Solon (Director, Focus on the Global South and Former Lead Negotiator of Bolivia)
11th March 2014, 01.00 pm, Seminar Hall No. 3, IIC New Block, Max Muller Marg, Delhi
Climate change and unsustainable development is one of the defining challenges of the century. The worst sufferers of the crisis are poor people in the global South who have no contribution in brining about this crisis. The developed and rich countries are still busy in obfuscating the issue and shifting the burden to the third world. The situation demands wartime action. It commands immediate reduction in emissions by developed and emerging economies with adequate support from rich and industrialized countries in tune with their historic responsibilities and appropriation of atmospheric space in a manner based on equity, justice and science. However, globally what we are looking at even today is a minimalistic agenda content with tweaking the system rather than attempting a paradigmatic transformation.

Today there is absolutely no ambiguity about what is required. People in different parts of the world have been vociferous about in many ways. We are living in times where streets and squares of numerous cities of world are turning into sites of revolutions. From Arab Spring to Occupy wall street; from Southern Europe to Brazil and Turkey, everyday people are paying by their lives to reclaim justice and equality, and corruption free and accountable governments. There is an ever increasing and overwhelming distrust of the metanarrative of development, which creates inequity, hunger and war and which is based on over exploitation of nature and people. There is also a loud message about the peoples imagination of the world they want. This is imagination of a radical change in political and economic systems of the world and of a transformative and redistributive agenda.
Pablo will speak on how the current minimalistic agenda on climate change and sustainable development and how it can be transformed into an ambitious one, role of emerging economies including India in this transformation and whether they are ready to assume the mantle. We look forward to see you at this stimulating discussion. We will start with lunch at 01.00 pm. A line in confirmation will be appreciated.

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