March 14, 2014

Media consultation and awareness builfing on Post-2015 Development Agenda, Climate Change and People's Manifesto

Ms. Manu Shrivastava from CECOEDECON gave a presentation on the 'Post-2015 Development Process' to media personnel and members of the Kisan Seva Samiti attending the media consultation in Niwai. During the presentation, it was explained how this process of global development agenda came into being; work streams associated it; it's impact on various stakeholders; role of CECOEDECON and the role media can play in awareness building, knowledge sharing and sensitization of the community for improved participation.

The year 2015 is very crucial in the international development process timeline as it marks the end of Millennium Development Goals. At the same time, the world hopes to have a 'post-2015 development agenda with sustainable development at its core'. To that effect, two parallel processes, to be converged in 2015, are engaging the development community – Post-2015 Development Agenda & Sustainable Development Goals. The presentation also discussed work streams for both processes and interlinkages – such as the System Task Team, national and regional consultations, High Level Panel for Eminent Persons for the former and Open Working Group and High Level Political Forum for the latter. In the end, the importance of disseminating this information at the local level was emphasized, along with ways by which grassroots can help set the agenda in these forums.


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