July 22, 2014

Global Days of Action for Development Justice - "Nyayapoorna Vikas ki Maang"

"U;k;iw.kZ fodkl dh ekax"

A few pics of the event "Global Days of Action on Development Justice" that CECOEDECON and Beyond Copenhagen Collective organized as part of the Campaign for People’s Goals for Sustainable Development. on 21 July at Shilki (Chaksu), Jaipur.

The event brought multi-stakeholders that have been left behind in the development process by ensuring representation from the grassroots - smallholder and marginalized farmers, village development committees, elected women representatives, micro-finance cooperatives members, youth groups, members of local governing bodies such as Panchayat Samiti.

There was a call for need to radically change the global political and economic system through a transformative and redistributive framework that aims to reduce inequalities of wealth, power and resources between countries, between rich and poor and between men and women. Regional priorities were emphasized: economic justice, gender equity, climate justice, accountability and inclusive development.

Also sharing link to the video that was globally launched in 14 countries on 21 July 2014:


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