December 16, 2009

Climate Change Negotiations and proposals

On Friday a draft proposal was sent to 192 nation conference, although it set no concrete goals on cutting the emission rate or the funding of finances. The document forced countries to hold on long-held posturing and focus on primary issues of global importance. Many countries voiced reservations about the structure of the document or some of its clauses. The United States and China — the worlds top two carbon polluters — even got into a battle of words. The former said the draft as "constructive" but singled out the section on helping poor countries lower their growth of carbon emissions as "unbalanced." It called the wealthier countries to help poor nations to adapt to changing climate, but mentioned no figures. The EU announced in Brussels 3.6 billion US $, but are still awaiting answers from wealthier nations, such as the US and Japan. Nevertheless the COP 15 summit awaits the arrival of the world's leaders.


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