December 12, 2009


By Soumya Dutta
As the Copenhagen conference is expecting the arrival of the Big players – the heads of states and their high power ministers - in the next few days, pressures from various quarters are also building up. As the various business lobbies are pushing for more and more "incentives" (like the controversial and as yet untested CCS - Carbon Capture and Storage commercial interests lobbying hard for its inclusion as a CDM entry), various peoples groups, resistance struggles, indigenous people etc. are also strengthening their voices of protest. Many forest peoples alliances have made their opposition to REDD, REDD+ etc very clear, and there were very lively demonstrations . Today's most intense, heart-rending, protest and appeal to the international community was by the indigenous people from Canada, who clearly brought out the devastation of their communities health and forcible occupation of their reserves - by the Tar sand oil industry. "WE DONT WANT YOUR DIRTY OIL" ,'I HAVE SURVIVED, BUT MANY OF MY RELATIVES ARE LYING BURIED UNDERGROUND - DYING OF INCRAESED CANCER AND OTHER DISEASES', many such real stories came from the Indigenous peoples reserves - which also houses some of the largest reserves of dirty tar sand oil. The story of victimization of the already marginalized, by the insatiable greed of the rich and over consumers continues, BUT ARE BEING CHALLENGED WITH INCRAESING STRENGTH at Copenhagen and BEYOND.


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