December 10, 2009

Why Danish Political Agreement Must be Rejected

Proposed Political Agreement by Denmark belies the intention of Annex-1 countries and Europe in particular on COP15. It is clear that Europe has failed in its climate change leadership. The document proposes a long term emission reduction target by 50% of 1990 levels by Annex 1 Parties by 2050. However, IPCC and Africa have been calling for emissions reduction target of at least 80% to 95% below 1990 levels by 2050.
Four Reasons why the Danish Political Agreement must be rejected
1. It proposes emission cuts and targets for developing countries
2. It proposes to divide developing countries into new categories, e.g. “the most vulnerable”;
3. It proposes to weaken the financial role of the UN in climate change and proposes traditional ‘beggar my neighbour approach’;
4. It suggests to cap emissions from developing countries to not more than 1.44 tonnes of carbon per person by 2050, while allowing rich countries to emit 2.67 tonnes.


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