December 16, 2009

False Premise of Nuclear Energy

by Ambra, Beyond Copenhagen Volunteer at COP15
Today the 12th of December 2009, a presentation was held by witnesses and experts from Australia, Russia, Kazakhstan and US on the topic of: FALSE PREMISE OF NUCLEAR ENERGY.

The Australian biologist started the panel discussing about the issues that nuclear stations bear, she said that nuclear energy is the most dangerous and unhealthy form of energy; radiations are cumulative and they constantly cause cancer. Moreover she pointed out that the people who are living in the surrounding stations areas are more at hazard, especially children.
The other witness was from Russia, she described all the same problems defined by the Australian Lady, adding the fact that the Russian government is giving 2$ to the families who are living in the nuclear sites if they remain staying in the same place.
The Kazakhstan lady declared how useless energy power is in dealing with global warming and GHG emissions; there are other healthier technologies and renewable resources that are more effective and less costly. The last speaker was from US, she said that US is committed to reduce the radioactive “mess” they have produced over time and that they are looking for alternative energy resources. At the end, she focused on the fact that there’s no need for nuclear resources, describing it as expensive, dangerous and unhealthy.


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